Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane

Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane

At the climax of Jesus’ life, He was on a mission. It was willed by his father, God. When Jesus came to the garden with his friends/disciples, he went to go pray to God. Jesus was getting a little fearful because of the cup that was placed in front of him. He was sent to die on the cross for the world, so that we could have a chance at starting all over with God. People talked, deceived and betrayed HIM but after his prayer in the garden, the mission was carried out on time.

Jesus Christ cared about the world so much. He was scared to go through what was about to happen, but He told his Father, God that His will was going to be done. This man was a carpenter, someone that builds things out of wood. Jesus was innocent and didn’t even hurt a fly.

This is my way of introducing my new book to the world. I won’t be giving out previews until it’s published. This garden symbolizes many things, and it also represents “coming near the end”. Jesus has done much for us, and through Christ we have access to God!!

My heart pulled me into a direction of writing a love letter for the Father and the Son. It will be an encounter to experience through the book and something that everyone can relate to!! Who’s just as excited as I am?


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