Nights Like ‘The Notebook’

Nights like this where the moon is full and the crickets’ chirp is something very special. The fresh crisp smell of the pure air blowing through my nostrils, it keeps me going and motivated. Walking those back streets, where the streetlights are shining down on us.



Then, when you’re put in the moment of basking in that moment of time, things end up changing for you. I walk the streets with Sidney and we talk about the moments of what it’s like to be with someone that you can dance with you in the middle of the street with no music. Dancing to the rhythm of each other’s hearts, learning to listen instead of speaking all the time.


No cars coming toward our direction, but the way I kept looking the opposite of us; looking for a car. I wanted to lie there in the middle of the street and just close my eyes and wait for a car to come, then get up and move so I won’t get hit.


Kind of like lying in a room alone and hearing your own heart beat.  I close my eyes and open my heart to listening out for the guy’s heart that’s beating aloud, despite the noise that the world makes. We’re being told that love comes to us when we don’t wait for it, somehow I now believe it’s true. Three years from now I don’t know what I can see but I’m hoping that I’ll be where I requested to be.


Why is it that being loved by someone can keep you feeling like you belong to them? Sometimes, it’s like we can do the right thing, but still get frustrated and fed up with the confusion that also comes with love. Just like Alley and Noah that mystery guy and me will love past the words that can’t be said.



I’m learning everyday to take life slow and one day at a time. There’s a lot I want but I can wait for it because, it means everything that the one who can hear me is actually talking back. Everyone wants a love like ‘The Notebook’ but sometimes, we end up getting more than just a 100 sheets, college-ruled notebook. I’m thinking my “notebook” might actually come out to be a treasure chest made of a treasure chest.


We’re not looking for just anyone to come and tell us anything. Love has wars, mixed emotions and a strong foundation. The “stable” has to be built on the plantation of soil (love) that will cause the grass and the trees to grow much greener. Get the big picture?


2 thoughts on “Nights Like ‘The Notebook’

  1. I know how you feel, and am blessed to truly be happy, healthy and in love with my soul mate. We are better for being together but don’t smother each other like we used to when we fell in love. We learned how to be each others best friend without stifling our growth. I thank God I learned from other healthy couples how to agree to disagree… God bless you in your journey, I will be reading…

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