There’s not a day that goes by where I’m satisfied and feeling complete, writing is my world. You know how we spend hours playing video games? Or even texting our friends? Well, my world and my friend are writing. It gives me the power to create things and to feel that I’m boss over something.


There are many bloggers, authors and freelance writers out there, but they aren’t half as passionate as myself. I work very hard to get where I want to be and still I’m being patient and waiting for my promise. Many people don’t know that when it comes to writing that, stress is relieved and heavy burdens are lifted off.


Normally a cup of coffee starts the engine and gets us revved up to create, but still there’s something that puts a hold on what we want. I found purpose in writing over being an actress because I knew that I would be the root of it all.


I open my ears to the voice of many people; young and old, but not everyone is going to make it to the top. I’m more for the team of learning to share and encourage. We all want to be the number one fashion designer, or male/female super producer, or even the highest earning author in the world.


Let’s take Nicholas Sparks and Mary Kay Andrews for example, they do a lot of writing like everyone else but they don’t deserve much of everything they have. I say this because as a people, we are supposed to help those that are asking for a hand to be extended.


You have authors that will be very stuck up and cocky because they do a great job flaunting what they have. It’s not everyday that you find a real author such as myself writing out of passion and helping others that ask for advice and input.


People want to be around those that are more than just well known. They want to be around someone that can help build a path and open doors to them. A lot of underground authors and writers need to be acknowledged. I’ll award an underground author before I give my money to a well-known one!






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