Chapter One


          Many of us have a garden but don’t use it for the right reasons. Some of us walk around and try to capture the essence of the beauty of the trees and the flowers that are growing around our garden. Sometimes I wonder of the human race knows the mercy of a garden.

       In reality, not every garden has the blossom of roses and a grass-covered ground. There are some gardens that have less of the beauty and more of the given purpose. In a way it’s like bringing the mess or the fertilizer to the ground and making something beautiful. You have to plant something in order for you to get something to grow.

        Often times I’m looking for love and it doesn’t come. I’m worried about every other problem around me but I don’t find the time to just stop and dedicate it to God, as I should. I’m not a hypocrite at all, but I do find myself guilty of the verdicts when it comes to giving God just a whole day dedicated to Him.

        There’s a lot that I’m aware of when it comes to refreshing myself on the events of what occurred in Christ’s time. There was a beginning and definitely an end. Jesus had been on a mission for his father, and that was to die on the cross for our sins. I believe every part of it because this world doesn’t have the genius mind to create an amazing story such as that. I’m a Christian that believes and this is the purpose of my piece.

       For months I gathered my ideas and thoughts to tell God how I was feeling. Page after page I discarded everything I wrote because I felt that nothing I said, could ever be enough for God. I guess the thought and the heart is what counts in this. I just pray that God accepts this love letter and that his heart dances. I’m not the holiest person upon the face of the earth but I do know whom it is that I love over this world.

      Nothing in this world is free, not even the oxygen I’m breathing in. It seems that whatever can be possessed as free, comes off as something with a price tag on it. This world is coming to a point of losing its worth and never ever returning. I’m sure everything will end and disappear, but I want to sacrifice something this year and present to God a special gift.

       I’m giving my heart to Christ all over again and that’s where my treasures will lie. Wherever my heart is, that’s where my treasures are, as my father tells me. I’m trying to do this right and I promise to hit the hammer right on the nail and keep it on point.

       Learning to be a good Christian isn’t that easy but yet it’s not that hard. I’ve sacrificed the friends I had, ones that were not Christians and I placed myself in the company of firm believers. I thank God for keeping those few friends around and allowing me to know who is for me and who is against me. This is going to be something that others may not be able to handle. If you can’t handle the truth please stay out of the kitchen!!!



  1. Nice blog!!!! what is their more to say? How can i give feedback to such a blog as this? This blog gives meaning to those who understand what you are saying.
    I’m guilty of not giving God a day of just me and him. Learning about God and reading his word as much as i should or could have. We have a lot to work on in ourselves. too many times we look to other things to find answers or looking to people; depending on them to find our way or answers to be answered or whatever. We’re not looking to the one that gave us life and provides all of our needs. Giving God the praise, worshiping him, learning/understanding about his word and be more rooted in God. This blog helped me understand, that the Christian life is not easy, but it isn’t hard either. We some christians make it seem it’s hard, when its really not. We need to stay committed to God, be in right standing with him and depend, trust, believe, have faith and understand the reading of his word. Abide by the laws/commandments!
    Seeing that we’re on the same page from what I am reading from the blog. I need to re-evaluate myself and dedicate my time to God; live by his word and Law. Keep posting your blog’s — never know who are helping!!

    • Amen! Amen! Amen!

      Not a lot of us Christians are doing the best to give God our all. We say we “try”, but do we really?
      It’s the matter of the company we hang ourselves around and who we have whispering in our ears. We need
      to surround ourselves with firm rooted Christians that listen to straight gospel and not half hip hop and
      R&B. God has given us so much and his mercy and grace is sufficient. We’re taking it for granted and no doing
      our best to give back. Jesus has done more than enough for us also. We need to stop trying to see what we can
      get from God and see more of what we can give to God!It’s time! it’s time! It’s time!

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