Shorter Days Upon the Face of the Earth!!!

This morning I woke up with a sinus headache and more than a few burdens on my shoulders. I took a shower and hoped that the headache would go away but it didn’t. I had the idea of escaping the house for a sign of relief but still, that didn’t help anything. No matter what happen the night before I stay humble because I knew there was nothing that I could do.


I could hear from the upper level how my siblings were getting in my mothers face, yelling at her. I did remember there that, the bible says those who are disobedient have shorter days upon the face of the earth. I’m going to be very frank with you; I was hoping that the Lord would step in right away.


These so-called grown adults, they had no respect for my mother at all. I don’t think it was a matter of taking sides, to me it was the knowledge of knowing whom their mother was. I was going to pray that God step in and have mercy on these adults but if I did that, God might have taken one of them or maybe even both.


I would be the type to morn but not for long, I’d get over it and keep living life. It’s a shame how kids don’t have respect for their parents anymore. It’s going to be a hot day in hell when they regret not following the instructions given to them. Being humble and learning to mind my business is everything but I’m really praying that, if God doesn’t move now that He puts a crazy punishment on these children of my mother.


I have to put God first though, when it comes to having patience and knowing God. I do have to say every mother will be a mother, but I know that I only have one. This is the reason why I visit Florida, like it’s my second home. I want to get away from the chaos and just be at peace.


Those who live by chaos will also die by it, too. That’s a fact and I know this because my father has told me this many times. This generation doesn’t have a lot to learn because; they aren’t trying to educate themselves. I can’t hate them for choosing the wrong paths, but I can only watch and learn from their mistakes.


I don’t care what rivalry you’re siding with, a mother is a mother and you should never betray her. God blesses us with the most wonderful gift and that’s the love of a mother. I can’t ever sit there and act as if I don’t love my mother because God can easily take that away from me. People take things for granted and when they actually lose their mother, they are on the floor crying.


WATCH WHAT YOU DO AND SAY TO YOU’RE PARENTS BECAUSE GOD WILL TAKE YOUR LIFE!!! It’s either you are with God or you’re against Him!!! Pick a side because it’s angels against the demons!!!


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