What is Creativity?

A lot of people ask me where does creativity come from and what does it mean? I have the answer to both questions but you’ll have to read this blog to get them. I’ll try to keep this as interesting as possible and not bore you all.


Everyone had an English class in high school, once upon a time. Even the old folks of today’s generation, remember how your teacher would make you read so much that you couldn’t stand it? Well yes, I know the majority of you hated reading because it tested a lot of things about you. It tested your patience, your understanding, your comprehension, your imagination skills and much more.


You can hand anybody a book and they’ll read it, but not everyone can visualize what’s going on. Some people will say, “I don’t understand this”. Others will skim through the book and look for the answer to the questions that are being asked on the test, or the regents.


Creativity comes from ones mind, to be able to understand the building of things. Just like a carpenter, you must know what to build, how to build, and why to build. Writers gather up information about what they need, in order to build suspense and concepts to a story.


Our creativity comes from imagining things that are not real and making them seems legit. It’s like living truthfully under imaginary circumstances. You have to believe that something is real in order for others to become captivated and think the same way. Don’t be afraid to release the inner you, the one that holds all the creativity.


It can only be defined by how you analyze it for the people. Creativity comes from the world we live in and the abnormal world we may soon see. There are many things that catch the eye of many but you have to keep them interested.


How much creativity do you have? Image


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