I know this is the season or the time when people start getting depressed and they end up feeling like an outcast and alone. I was depressed not too long ago, and now that I’m better I have a cure for you.


I’ve heard that sharing is caring and I’m going to do my best to walk you through this. Summer of ’08 I was depressed and couldn’t find a way out. A year passed me by, where I didn’t look at mirrors because I hated how I looked and everything that I saw.


I felt like I was alone and no one could hear me suffering. I thought that no one liked me and that life was just another sad cause, one without a purpose. I didn’t know how I was going to give into letting someone help me.


The worst part was that I was in this alone and no one knew what I was going through. My older sister saw that I was suffering and that there was something wrong. How was I going to hide the diagnoses of the cause/problem?


I don’t care how many amounts of months I was depressed. I cried it out, I prayed it out, I laughed it out, and I wrote it out. The most challenging thing I did was share with others that were close to me, how much I was depressed.


If something is wrong, you need to get off that high horse of yours and go talk to someone. I must say, watch the people that you talk to about your problems because some are actually happy that you’re depressed and half way through your phase into, death.


I wouldn’t eat much, do my hair, or leave the house. I spent most of my days procrastinating and not wanting to do what was best with me. How was I going to come out of this depression? I waited for this break through, for about six months.


The key to getting rid of depression and oppression is to gather yourself around people that will uplift you and allow you to vent. Keep yourself busy, at all times. Don’t ever be caught alone by yourself, because that will only make you become worse than what you are. Stop allowing depression to take over your life!! Get the hell up and conquer it !!


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