A lot has been going on with me career wise. I want to say that I’m thankful that I’ve had many opportunities handed to me, through all this hard work. I know I haven’t blogged in a while (that’s because I’ve been busy). I’m ecstatic to say that I made my final choice with the publisher, I gladly hand over my best-selling work too. I’ve been appreciating every simple thing about life lately, and it has been paying off. My book one of the trilogy {SWORD OF LOVE: A PARISIAN LOVE} will be published very soon. I’m working on my third title right now as we speak. It’s called, LE PROMESSE and I pray that everyone purchases a copy when it’s published, and they go out and support. I’m staying faithful to God, first and far most, then myself. I’ll be doing a photo shoot for my book this coming October 2012. I hope that those who would like personal copies, request for it. This is going to be a story like no other, especially with me Za’Kyla Caal “Winter” playing the main character. This is not a fiction book, but if you’d like to look upon it that way, than be my guest. I’m looking for PRINCE CHARMING!! Could you be him??




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