I can remember about a few months back that I was at Dunkin’ Donuts with a friend. Before he showed up I didn’t know that I had supporters from the area, in which I live that knew about me. I’d like to just label myself as Kenyona, but the town has given me the title of, “The Best Damn Author”. I love how everyone supports and looks up to me. It does bring me to tears that I’ve had the opportunity to help others. I haven’t been wasting any time at all. Thanks to my swell addiction to coffee, I can bear some of you. We all have that one person we can’t stand, right? Don’t lie to yourself, you can’t become oblivious to it. I’m doing my best to keep awake all hours of the day and night. I was told the other day that I look deprived of my sleep. I must say I agreed, it’s hard out there. Being independent and always running on your feet isn’t easy, but I give props to those who will set it in stone, to work and serve themselves. I drink decaffeinated coffee, both, iced and hot!!! I have to say thank you to those who have encouraged me to drink it like it’s water. I’m not nagging but I’m actually praising. I probably wouldn’t be the person you looked up to if I wasn’t running off of decaffeinated and sometimes caffeinated coffee. Wouldn’t you say the same?


One thought on “WHAT DO YOU PLAN ON DUNKIN’?

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