I’ve collected data from a few of my experiments, and noticed the behavior of a man, and the behavior of a boy. I always thought that, a girl that wanted an older man was nasty; but it’s not. She seeks something mature for the correction of herself. A boy doesn’t have the ability to help her, when his thoughts are childish.

    The stupid will be punished and those that despise knowledge are a fool. I’m positive enough to say that everyday I’m learning, and walking away from those foolish things, and people. Misery loves company and I want no part in it. For the rest of my life I vow to be happy and I’m going to do it the right way. Lord, be with my soul mate and I because we can’t do it by ourselves. I don’t care what the world is telling you, I know what this world can and cannot do. From the looks of it my capabilities are more sufficient than others.

      A man holds responsibility and handles business when needed. He’s one that doesn’t need to be a womanizer, but can keep his woman satisfied. The lessons of life that is taught to him, is passed down to his wife and children. A man is a symbol of a warrior that can go to war, without lethal weapons and physically harming someone.

     This man puts on not just the whole armor of God, but he brings the tender parts of him to war. His heart is shielded but he works hard to protect his families’ hearts. He doesn’t care about having a curfew or being under one law in his household. The influence of his “crew” isn’t persuasive enough for him to feel like being tied down will hinder him.

     Priorities become health, wisdom, faith, and knowledge. The power of educating his immediate family keeps him uplifted and persistent. Seeing other woman walk pass him or throw themselves at him, is not option. His mind is focused on one thing only, and that’s God and his wife. People play around with vows and, I’m praying that you don’t do that.

       A boy is worried about how he looks and whom he can pick up. The mental chambers of his brain will never understand the test of life. He’ll claim that he’s something you are, or against something a girl is against, just to get in her pants. These little children are afraid to leave the nest of their insecurities and soar the sky.

     They are normally just as bad as an infant, because they cry when need to be fed or throw tantrums to have someone assist cleaning their shitty diapers. No woman wants to clean up after a grown ass little boy. They settle for the less fortunate part of the world and don’t complain about how they can improve themselves. Instead these toddlers sit around and wait to be supervised over and taken care of. There are a lot of men and females out there with that small mentality and it’s very harmful.

      These good women can’t keep sitting around and breast-feeding these little boys. Someone has to step out and be about grown adult business. Picture a seven-year-old still breast-feeding from his mother’s bosom. The grown adult world does find it abnormal and surreal, that a boy as big as that needs to be breast-fed. You can’t survive off of milk for the rest of your life! You either eat the solid food served to you, or move from the table, and let a real man have a seat. 




9 thoughts on “MAN vs. BOY

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  2. This is very good Kenyona. Once, your readers get the jest of where you’re going with this book, I pray they’ll understand where you’re taking them.
    Love You,


  3. I used to be very happy to seek out this web-site.I needed to thanks in your time for this excellent read!! I positively enjoying each little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to take a look at new stuff you blog post.

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