I was just sitting here thinking about nude art. The beauty of it comes from just about, every angle and aspect of a woman’s curves. Doing a naked art piece, has not much sin to it, only if there’s a meaningful message behind it. I was just in my room the other day, thinking about what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have an artist draw me or do a professional private photo shoot. This wasn’t going to be for the world to see. The image that I captured in my head, had a lot to do with the breaking free of insecurities in writing and with physical challenges. See, I love who I am as a person, but that doesn’t have to mean that my body is something that I’ll love either. Embracing my pure skin can be a start but I need to do it with careful choosing. There’s nothing wrong with me, you or her! I feel that every scar marked on our bodies, are the scars that should be exposed!


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