Why don’t you already know?



This planet is filled with all the beautiful woman, it can hold. Many of us with different shapes and sizes, fat and skinny. You only are capable of being something that you perceive yourself as. There are a lot of men walking around with happy hearts because of us women. We are to stand out, in ways that no other gender can do as we can. The color of your skin doesn’t make you less beautiful than you already are. Stop listening to what haters are whispering in your ears! What makes you beautiful is the uniqueness that you have.


Look, the scar on her face may be huge but her face fits it. The acne on another person’s face may be crazy out of control, but she’s still the same person she was 17 years ago. Her skin might be darker than the chalkboard, but her purpose doesn’t make her less significant. Every girl is beautiful whether, African or Russian. Flaunt your scars, bruises and/or acne to the world! And if everyone hates you for being beautiful, it’s strictly because they’re ugly!


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