I was writing a wedding scene out through my eye lids with my powerful mind (dreaming). I thought about how beautiful this looked, and how many women would give up everything to get married. It’s a beautiful thing to be counted as one with your soulmate/partner. It’s not just the scenery that keeps it all together and makes your mood up lifting. A man that marries a woman, means that his heart is set on her for eternity. It’s making a covenant and a vow between yourself, your man and God. You have to be able to love her/him until death does you part.

The human angels hanging from the ceiling made this beautiful. Everything dressed up and decorated in white, means something significant. The tears streaming down her face, as she walks down that aisle to her husband-to-be. The groom standing there with his hand out, waiting for his wife-to-be and thinking about all the special times they shared. The good and bad flashes before you both as you get closer and closer to something sacred.

The honeymoon is everything too, but that specific moment of “I Do” has captured the hearts of the angels, and God. To tell a person that you can love them for eternity is something very special and giving. The penis doesn’t always fulfill the job, I mean it’s good but there something more important. He/she wants the smiles, hugs, good times and bad times together (memories). It means everything for your soulmate to know that your heart will never grow old from theirs. You can love them like it was the first day, every single day and hour that time passes and becomes old.

We all fall into love, no matter how much of the crazy types we may be. There’s something that overtakes our fears, and fills us with encouragement and that lavishing love. The cost of love will always be expensive, no matter how much we try to deny it. I’m not talking about the money, but the cost of time, ways, hearts and promises. Marriage is a package with a promise that automatically comes with having kids, faith and a good man.

Let the one who runs the household, be the man that God has created specifically for you!! The moment couldn’t get any better…



  1. I don’t want a wedding, actually. I’d prefer to get married alone with my partner in some corner of the world, sharing it simply with them. 😊

    • Hey,

      I guess I can understand that maybe something private, suites you more better. There are people that don’t like to go all out or have the day being stressful from doing so much planning.

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