There’s a punishment with that thought, Did you know?



It’s normal for every human being to get upset. We have our moods and our emotions that we deal with but it’s a matter of how we deal with them. It’s hard when you feel a certain way towards a person, but you try to put it all behind you. Things aren’t always “easy”, especially when it has to do with another living soul. I get very upset when I try to stay mad at a person, but I can’t. It’s annoying and it makes you  feel very all over the place.

There are some people out here that are angry with God. Yes, this is true and I know this because not everyone is going to be happy with Him. You can sit there and pretend like you have it all together, but make sure that the one who’s taking care of you is always taken care of. You might not want to bite the hand that feeds you, or more like created you!

When you hold onto anger and animosity, you close yourself out form the world. You allow the person that hurt you, take over your world and flip it upside down. You know, it’s not always the best idea to stay upset or mad at a person that severely hurt you. Forgive them and let them know that you won’t forget it, but you have enough strength to just let it go. You won’t hold a grudge against them or anything close.

I recall being very very upset with God one day. I was crying because I felt like I had been blessed and cursed at the same time. I would get walked all over and than someone would take advantage of me. It hurts like nothing you can ever imagine, but soon after I get over it. The feeling happening over and over again, makes you feel like you don’t know when you can take another shot.

Each negative thought has a punishment to it when you’re angry with how God created you. Everyone is unique enough to be built according to their finger print stature. You’re either you or no one else. You can try to be like someone, but what makes things easier? Nothing! It’s alright to fall and get hurt, but just make sure you get back up and brush yourself off. This is not like riding a bike, it’s a little more challenging. But soon you’ll get the hang of what your stamina is given to you for!!!


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