Making The Impossible, Possible Through Foretelling Through Your Writing

I know I’m not the only author and writer that this happens to. Have you ever had your glass of juice, notepad and pen with your laptop? Everything’s sitting out and waiting on you to create it. The mental understanding of hesitation isn’t in your head, until you realize that you’ve made a few decisions you shouldn’t have.

For example, you write a book about a promise that you’re willing to keep. You don’t really know who the promise is going to, but you’re still holding onto it for someone. This person you haven’t quite met them yet. That moment you meet them, you than find out that this is the person you were dreaming about it.

Last time I predicted my  future, hoping to be wrong — I ended up being right about everything. That’s when the book CROSSED MIRRORS was completed and ready for publication after SWORD OF LOVE. I ended up dating a friend that I was close with, but up until today, this guy totally hates my guts. I want to know if I can reverse the outcomes of the results, instead of always having the bad ending. Sometimes I think that my future is determined by what is placed on paper. Today has a few struggles and hesitations, but what now?




How about I drink that coffee/glass of orange juice? The next step would be for me to open the book and uncap the pen that sits there waiting to be used. When you think about it paper and computer systems are the same, so either way it’s permanent. It’s like once I type the story or create the characters, all of the creations bleed into the paper or becomes like an Egyptian wall of art with signs of everything on it.

Every author creates a world that can either capture the  hearts of many or disappoint the eyes of many. I strive to give the readers what they want, but at what point do I write and/or create a world for me? One where I can undo and redo everything over. I think as a people of human nature, we make mistakes and sometimes find ourselves undoing the mistake we made in real life, in a story we create.

I chose to do a double take and please the fans –I could also please myself, too. With working on my new book LE PROMESSE, I chose to do this the opposite of how I normally do them. I don’t know where this will take me, but I’m moving forward with my life. This time I’ll be the lady instead the man, I won’t nurture him — He’ll take care of me without any excuses.

This time I’m going to love — And love hard!!


One thought on “Making The Impossible, Possible Through Foretelling Through Your Writing

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