What’s the GENESIS of Your Idea?

The genesis of my idea is to create a storyline that is about a few kids on an island that does crazy things. They are unprepared but they go from hating each other to working as a team to survive. The historic event is inspired by the movie and book Lord Of The Flies. I connect to this story because it gives the concept and understanding of how much it’s important to work together in a big world to survive.

The great human dilemma, which I’m going to write about, has a lot to do with picking and choosing whom we team up with just for the fight of a territory or dream. There are many questions and things to explore but crazy outcomes, also. I’m going to asked questions such as: Why do we choose teams when it comes to winning or survival? Are you willing to kill someone to have what you want? Good vs. evil teammates, which side are you on? Why? What’s really important in this world, morals and values or who finishes first and last?

I agree with that type of story development because without it there wouldn’t be an interesting story. If a character is talking to me and it’s something interesting I’m going to follow. You never know what you’ll find when going with the character to wherever it is that they’re trying to take you. Sometimes, the best story comes from following rather than always trying to take over and read.

The worst thing that could happen to a main character is them dying. If you subtract the main character from the circumstances then what good does it do? No one will be willing to read a story or watch a movie with the absence of the main character. When you have something big that attracts people why take it away? I’ve done stories and things before where I’ve had people read and tell me what they thought after the main character were removed. The majority, of the people didn’t like it and so I’ve learned that the main character builds everything.

Contradictions that my main character would embody would feature things like always being in denial about learning to accept people for who they are. My main character can try very hard to change another character but not everyone can be like the main character. Just like in real life everyone has contradictions but the best way to deal with them is by fixing the problem or pretending like they never exist.

The genesis of an idea can be very small but the more you contemplate on it the bigger it can get. Planning your character and settings carefully are important. A plane crash or ship breaking just may be the beginning of something big. The story is everything but the main character holds the key to all doors; there must be an answer to everything.


3 thoughts on “What’s the GENESIS of Your Idea?

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