Why Do Authors Not Give Advice All The Time?

Why do authors not give advice all the time?

Kenyona Parlor





We’ve come to understand that in this world many things happen, bad and good. John Steinbeck made history and I’ll be visiting him, asking about his events and highlights of life. I’ll be at the press conference because I would like to know about his strategic ways of achieving something, almost impossible. I’ll need to pack along with me a tape recorder, notebook and my cellular phone.

The tape recorder will come in handy so that when I ask him questions, he’ll answer. I need to record everything he says because an author with great achievements knows best. Sometimes, the greater advice and instruction is in the one that is awarded for their greatness. “Criticism is the greatest contribution, and it’s the overall thing” (John Steinbeck wins Nobel Prize, 1962). People that read your work will always have something to say about it. The criticism isn’t always the best but it helps with a lot of things.

For example, the notebook would come second to last because I would need to take notes.  When you can sit down with an author and write down a few facts and modules than that’s great. John Steinbeck doesn’t give any novelist advice he says. “I’m not an indecent animal but some people do one thing and others do another” (John Steinbeck Wins Nobel Prize, 1962). I agree with him because being an author has its pros and cons. When people ask me for advice on publishing and creativity, I answer them but I don’t tend to give advice either.  Don’t ask for advice if you’re not going to follow it.  There couldn’t be any number one writers in the industry because no one can top anyone. Everyone that reads and criticizes does it equally to everyone.  “I couldn’t tell you of any mind blowing authors, I really couldn’t” (John Steinbeck Wins Nobel Prize, 1962).

The trip didn’t really give much back to me in a plenteous result. I don’t blame John Steinbeck for feeling how he felt about not giving advice. Many people don’t even think to use the information or instruction that is given to them. Majority of the time it’s right but people still want to have their own way and story.

In closure I feel that as an author if I don’t want to give advice then I don’t have too. I’ve witnessed people ask me for advice and they don’t end up using what I handed to them. It’s a waste of time to the person that’s asking for the advice and to myself. Interviews are no problem but asking for advice has become one.


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