The Best part about being celebrated!!





The best part about being celebrated is when you get to spend your time with the people that you love. You get to do more than just have fun, and jump around to act stupid. You can be yourself because they accept who you are, and they know what you deserve. I’m grateful because not many people have real friends, but I was blessed with a few real ones. The fact that God has told me that it’s okay to be different, that made my day alright. 

Nothing else matters when you have friends that no longer have that label. They than become family and that blood than becomes thicker than water. A few people that you thought were true friends, maybe they’d come around but they showed themselves. I’d rather have 8 friends than the whole world. I love each and everyone of them that came to celebrate me, on behalf of my life. 

During my birthday dinner, we had so much fun. No one cared that those who missed out wasn’t there. We had fun and pushed those problems in a pile of dust in the corner. We did the electric slide, the wobble, cha cha slide and we danced the night away. Thank you to all that showed up and once again for something that was so “private” it was the greatest encounter ever. 


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