I know we ask ourselves sometimes, why is it that we the good people always come in last? The bad people, they seem to have everything made for themselves. Sometimes we see them with the greatest things in the world. They could be the greatest rapper, the untouchable Super Producer or even the greatest filmmaker in the industry. Don’t get me wrong; this is for those that deal with general life situations, also.

I know the majority of you can relate to this because you’re asking yourself these questions. Why is it that I do everything I’m supposed to do, and still God hasn’t made me visible to the world, yet? I have an answer to the majority of these questions, because I was given the answer. You’re probably saying, “Can she stop procrastinating and get to the point?” Well I’m going to start right now!

There are many good and bad people around here. The earth isn’t what’s bad in the universe it’s the people and the choices we make. Sometimes I see a person that’s having sex with half of the community and from that they think they have a cool “reputation”. Allow me to say that those that do wrong only have it made for them temporarily until something falls apart.

Those that are always being faithful, giving their all to a project, make the best of what they have. I like to call those people “The Appreciative” ones. I say this because those are the people that will put in overtime for something or someone, even if the business or the relationship is moving slow. Usually, no matter how long it takes for the “promise” to come, something good happens.

Don’t sit around moping about how bad things are just because you’re a good person. Ten times out of ten, the person that does bad is never really permanently successful in life. They get tired of what they do or get and then throw it aside. Kind of like, “hoes sex and guys”. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Read on!!

Many guys will have sex with just about any girl; especially those that volunteer to open their legs up. I’m not a man but I don’t understand the concept of their thinking process. He will screw her just because it’s a trend and every other guy is doing it. Normally, when he gets tired of her he’ll close the door on her face and let her know that he’s finished with her.

For example, let’s say Jonathan wants to screw someone around his way, and he finds a hoe. She tells him it’s okay and she’s fine with it. First off I want to say that she’s dirty for agreeing to something like that because, all she’s saying is that she’s okay with catching a disease from the rest of the town. After he screws her, he drops her by asking his best friend, “How do I nicely let this hoe down? Like do I tell her that her p*ssy wasn’t good enough for seconds?” There you have my point. Quality is everything over quantity.

A man wants a woman after everything and not a hoe! That’s why we the patient people wait accordingly for the greater things to happen. It’s not just for women but men, too. How we use our strategy to get what we want depends on how things will work out. The importance of patience has a lot to do with who you are as a person. Those that can humble themselves and wait, they will surely get everything they deserve whether it’s 1 month, 3 years or a decade from now!!! Don’t you agree?



5 thoughts on “BLOGS

  1. I caught what you was saying in the beginning. We talked about this the other day, just not to the full extent of what is being posted on the blog. Great things come to those who wait and be patient. Even though it seems as though things are not turning around for you. When we look at another person’s life, we think how come things are turning around for them and not me. Things have it’s time and place — all on God’s time and not ours. Be happy with what you have and enjoy life! Even though numerous of bad things happened in your life or you have done wrong in your life; Kenyona is right. Do sit around moping, weeping and try to get people to feel bad for you cause things are not going right. Get up clean yourself off as a I say, ” Brush off the dust, sweep it up, throw into trash and don’t look back.” Whatever happened, well happened and there is nothing you or any of us can do to change it. as they say in Meet The Robinson’s “Keep Moving Forward” or listen to the song by Hezekiah Walker called Moving Forward.

    It may not seem as things are turning around for you, but look at it again! Look at where you came from and where you are now. God is working on you and preparing you for what lies ahead. Doors have opened, all you have to do is walk through it and receive what God has given you. Spend quality tome with God, At the end where Kenyona stated “How we use our strategy to get what we want depends on how things will work out. The importance of patience has a lot to do with who you are as a person. Those that can humble themselves and wait, they will surely get everything they deserve whether it’s 1 month, 3 years or a decade from now!!!”. Are you the type of person that can humble yourself and be submissive; not only to God, but to your husband – that God has created just for you.

    Kenyona all that you are saying is very agreeable. I’m sure there is someone out there that is thinking the same thing. I pray that they find God and get their lives on track. Clean themselves up and wait on God to work miracles/blessings in their life.

    • Hi Treana,

      My darling. Yes some of these things a few of us relate too. I chose to blog about this because another person had asked me the same question you did that day. I found it very true but the fact of explaining it is still a process. People need to do more things to get what they’ve never had. Good people don’t get noticed or credited enough for their work but we need to find a way to make that happen. God has a plan for the people, and we cannot make Him move when we want Him too.

      Like when I look at all these young writers/ authors. You all put in so much time and dedication and still, things are hard. No one said that it would ever be easy but sometimes we need to be acknowledge for the idea of creating stories/ worlds that are always different than the last. We put in overtime but it seems that no one cares, we as a GOOD people need to be praised!!

  2. I definitely agree, seems more like a question that never gets answered at times, but like you said in summary its part of life that a lot of us sometime feel like we go through alone. We just gotta stay focused and keep pushing, hopefully we have created a plan we could follow to to help turn things around in our favor.

  3. Hello,
    Agnos Phillips!!!

    I agree with everything you say and it’s sometimes a hassle. Things will get better, only if we make it and e don’t have many people now-a-days that care to fix the problems, or to make another person’s world, a better place. I agree with you!!

    Kenyona Parlor

  4. I’m still learning from you, as I’m making my way to the top as well. I definitely enjoy reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the information coming. I loved it!

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