Creative Writing Prompts

Try to do the prompt without any help…

There’s a woman walking toward ‘SS 87’, this is the ship where rich folk go and have a great time. Along the way something happens on her sail to “nowhere”. She wears this white fitted suit and a red umbrella to her ship the first night. Create a story based on how her trip will turn out and why she took the trip. Is she married? Is she single? Does she have money to waste? Will she jump off the deck and end her life? What? (Don’t make it like ‘The Titanic’) START!!!!

You see it? Now create the story!!

There’s this teenage college couple. They are in a relationship but a chivalry movement was conducted by Anna Rose-dale. She wanted to give her boyfriend something to remember, on a “line”. Create the story and whether you give it a happy ending or a bad ending, that’s your choice !!!! How much of a creator are you?

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