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Guess what? I’m doing something extremely nice!!! All you have to do is just drop your name in the comment box, and I will pick 5 random people. I’m giving away the pre-published copies to 5 random people. An early Christmas gift, the book comes out summer of 2013, and it’s the first book to the trilogy, called SWORD OF LOVE: A PARISIAN LOVE! It doesn’t hit Barnes&Nobles until July, so why not be the first to see if that’s you, who won Kenyona’s book? I’ll be back around 2pm, to show you more!! 





Christmas is a very important holiday, especially for those that are Christians. This was the day that Jesus Christ was born and settled in a manger. He had been delivered to the world by his mother Mary. The Holy Spirit, had allowed Mary to conceive a baby without being touched. Her husband Joseph was frightened because, he didn’t want to shame her in front of the city. Mary was no whoremonger, she was a woman that carried herself with dignity and great faith, very obedient and special.

Jesus had been under the Will of God, to come to save the people of this world. There we were blessed with a gift! Think about it, you can’t get anyone better than Christ! This baby was to be named the KING of all KINGS, and the LORD of all LORDS!! The three kings at the time were out to kill Jesus, because they knew that Christ was there to reign forever. To make a long story short, Jesus became the hero of the people. He died on the cross for us, so that we could live again.

This man was powerful and merciful in all his ways, Healing, preaching, teaching, delivering people, and correcting those that had to be corrected. For those that have a very close relationship with Christ, you’re more than blessed. Someone like that isn’t made by accident and given to the the people out of mistake! Christ is the key to the second world, after the coming of his day! God did us all a favor out of love, and for someone that has that much love for us ignorant people, that should tell you how valued you are! I was brought with a price, and I’m happy that I gave my life to the one, who gave me life.





jennifer holm

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you are able to enjoy family and food and football. 😊🏈

In honor of the holiday, here’s a few things I am grateful for.

1. Jesus Christ and the salvation he’s provide to me by his blood. What freedom and joy there is in the Son!

2. Parents who have loved me, shepherded me, and supported me for 27 years. My parents-in-law who have done the same for my husband for 29 years and have done that for me for 3 years. Both have been amazing examples of what marriage and parenting should look like, but even more than that they reflect Christ.

3. My incredible husband who is joyful ALL of the time, loves me even though I am ridiculous and stubborn, and makes me want to be a better woman. I can’t be more grateful for the past 8 years of our relationship…

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