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Guess what? I’m doing something extremely nice!!! All you have to do is just drop your name in the comment box, and I will pick 5 random people. I’m giving away the pre-published copies to 5 random people. An early Christmas gift, the book

comes out summer of 2013, and it’s the first book to the trilogy, called SWORD OF LOVE: A PARISIAN LOVE! It doesn’t hit Barnes&Nobles until July, so why not be the first to see if that’s you, who won Kenyona’s book? I’ll be back around 2pm, to show you more!!

Getting laid or played?



I shared with a few of my friends where I stand, in the process of my new project (book). Le Promesse is something that will offer most or many readers an adventure. This is a book I’m writing for my significant other and I happened to use a few real friends from my knowing, and make them characters in the book.

Writing a book takes a lot of emotion and thoughts of a very experienced writer. Anybody can write but it takes much to reveal something so great to the world. I used five of my good friends to help relay the message, because I felt that they came very close to what I was looking for in someone that was mature enough to understand.

Whom I fall in love with, I guess that’s just more than my luck. My job is to make sure that ‘prince’ reads the book after we’re together. I’m very worried about how the fans would feel about the book, or if they’d like it. But more importantly I’m contemplating on what my future husband will think about this. I want to bring out all the best and worst features of myself.

The point is to make sure that not just my husband knows who I am, but that the fans get an idea also. I find it very creative that I’m willing to put myself on paper and give you the real me. I don’t feed people bullish*t, so all of this stuff will be real. This by chance and favor, just might be better than “Love&HipHop” and “The Notebook”. Why? Good thing you ask, because there’s nothing fiction about this book. What do you guys think?




I hear a lot of people saying that church is in their hearts. Some say that, you can’t stay home to worship because that’s what the sanctuary was built for. God would prefer if we worship in His temple. But what about the people that are sick and shut in? I’m sure that God would accept there worship, anyway too. This fuss has been going on for centuries, and we need to find the resolution. I’ve been in the situation where, I went to church and worshiped in the sanctuary with the congregation. The experience is very hands on but there’s also some factors that keep people from walking through those church doors.


I’ve heard many people say that the pastor may ask for too many offerings. They felt that the only offering that should be asked for is the “Tithe and offering” because that’s what we owe to God. I know I looked for a new church in Florida, because my church would do the same. It was all a matter of me outgrowing where I didn’t want to be anymore. The people I grew up with in the church were either, knocked up or went to being in a gang. Do I agree with it? NO! But things happen and there will be cost for it.


A few others say that, when you sit at home and watch church on television; it’s better. You still have to find a way to pay tithes and offering but you also don’t get that “hands on” experience. I would know this because, I’ve done it before and it was very challenging. I’m not saying it’s okay to not go to church or to worship from the comfort of your home. Make sure that however you worship, it’s sincere and meant for God and GOD ONLY!