Gee, So much for a toothache!!



You ever get that very bad toothache that makes your head hurt? Yep, well I’ve gotten that and I must say it’s the worst pain that a human being can ever get. It doesn’t mean that someone isn’t brushing their teeth. It means that they’re eating too much junk, and sugar has the power to snag a tooth.

When it comes time to going to the dentist, we all become scared of that one needle. I’ve never had a root-canal, because I never messed up my mouth that bad. This year when I visited the dentist, I had 0 cavities and a free day to get the daily routine brush-up and a pain-free day. The best thing to do is, to go to the dentist and get that tooth checked out, because 9/10 something bad is happening.

You don’t want to wait at the last minute to get checked-out. The worst kind of toothaches are the ones that gives you a migraine and doesn’t allow you to get up from your bed. A toothache is so deadly that it causes death, if you don’t get it checked out. The nerves in your mouth are being damaged and messing up your brain. Be careful as to how much junk food you conceive. This is very important and crucial to our lives.

What the hurricane can do


The power of a tropical storm is sometimes out of this world. This would be a first for NY because we’ve never been wiped out or torn apart so easily. Show support by sending out prayers.


Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Hammered by Hurricane Sandy

The same ship I was on in June was the best experience ever, but for the fact that Hurricane sandy took a toll on it, was crazy. When I was last on this ship, they had almost everything you could think of and the best part was that, they musicals were live and the actors were amazing. I hope that everyone remains safe and don’t get in the way of sandy, because she just might bury y’all asses.

Be safe from Hurricane Sandy.



Remember to be safe and make sure that you don’t go outside. I pray that those who have been left behind in long beach stay safe and uses their brain. The best way to get what you need is to prepare and package it all, right now. This time we might not want to play with Sandy, because she just might be something we don’t want to play with. Make sure you help out others that are seeking help, because they’re lost. Keep everyone calm and do something in the house that’ll distract your mental state of being.