Getting laid or played?



I shared with a few of my friends where I stand, in the process of my new project (book). Le Promesse is something that will offer most or many readers an adventure. This is a book I’m writing for my significant other and I happened to use a few real friends from my knowing, and make them characters in the book.

Writing a book takes a lot of emotion and thoughts of a very experienced writer. Anybody can write but it takes much to reveal something so great to the world. I used five of my good friends to help relay the message, because I felt that they came very close to what I was looking for in someone that was mature enough to understand.

Whom I fall in love with, I guess that’s just more than my luck. My job is to make sure that ‘prince’ reads the book after we’re together. I’m very worried about how the fans would feel about the book, or if they’d like it. But more importantly I’m contemplating on what my future husband will think about this. I want to bring out all the best and worst features of myself.

The point is to make sure that not just my husband knows who I am, but that the fans get an idea also. I find it very creative that I’m willing to put myself on paper and give you the real me. I don’t feed people bullish*t, so all of this stuff will be real. This by chance and favor, just might be better than “Love&HipHop” and “The Notebook”. Why? Good thing you ask, because there’s nothing fiction about this book. What do you guys think?





You can’t hang with chickens and try to fly with eagles. You have to pick one crowd and try to stick with them. I’ve been hanging with LIONS for my whole life and we’ve never been overtaken by a crowd of hyenas. I’m not saying we’re the baddest of the bad, but we are the chosen of the chosen. Yes, we’re all Christians, but we’re also dedicated, hardworking people.

My attitude towards my circle of friends is strictly hands-on. I don’t force feed the seven of my friends any bullshit. I’m known for keeping things real with everyone, that’s even if feelings get hurt. The same applies for me and that’s why I kept them around. I need those that can correct me and bring me back to earth, so I can see the hurdles I’m jumping over.

It’s funny though because, a lot of people think they’re the realest “niggas” around. Excuse my French, but that’s what most people THINK they are. Sad to say — The world is faker than Nicki Minaj’s ass. I’ve seen real from the circle I associate myself with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not cocky! I’m just dignified and certified for all the right reasons. I don’t waste time –I use it!!

Another thing I love about my best friends are their actions. No one wants to be a follower, unless it’s to Jesus. We were meant to stand out and deliver something so outstanding to the world. Now, not everyone can handle the truth, because many people flee from it. I’ve witnessed this from the fake people that tried to be in my life for unbeneficial purposes. You try to use me but God doesn’t allow that!!

What who you call friends, and whom you associate yourself with. Not everyone is here to help you, or love you. There’s only a few that cares to correct you, but many that loves to see you suffer. I don’t care how much we fall and get up, it’s only a matter of time before we bounce back. And when people from my circle bounce back, our blessings are to enormous for the world to see.

I learned the hard way, that not everybody wants to see you successful and sharing the same beliefs. I’m NEVER bothered, but I am the type to avenge something that tries to purposely get in my way, just to see me and my friends fail. And when it taken out on that factor, we do have a lot to show for it. This isn’t the SUPER-HERO type of movie, this is something that might cause the vision in your eyes to get lost! ONLY BECAUSE IT’S REAL!!!