What do you do when you fall out of love?

You ever start out with liking someone so much? You both feel like you have a lot going for each other but, everything starts to happen so soon. He’s calling you baby, you’re calling him every nickname in the book.

When you start seeing so much of him, and doing too many things for him. He suddenly looses interest in you. It’s like he’s lacking everything he pretended to have in the beginning. The best way to go about it is by feeling out the best outcomes. You have to work towards making things better, but if he’s not interested than chances are — Everything you’re doing is vain.

So do I tell him that I’m loosing interest? No, don’t just tell him yet. Make sure that you are very sure of yourself. The best medicine is the one that causes you to feel the most. Don’t do things out of pity, because you feel bad for him/her. The best thing to do is sit alone and take a memo pad and paper with you. See how much of the good outweighs the bad and what ever is greater you keep.

If the good is outweighing the bad, there’s a chance that he’s a good man. He might not agree with everything but he’s man enough to correct you the mistakes that you’ve made throughout your life. Maybe you can spice up the sex and be spontaneous about the date nights. A man/woman likes when they can interact with each other and just learn how to love each other despite the madness.

A Sweet Thank You <3


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