Getting laid or played?



I shared with a few of my friends where I stand, in the process of my new project (book). Le Promesse is something that will offer most or many readers an adventure. This is a book I’m writing for my significant other and I happened to use a few real friends from my knowing, and make them characters in the book.

Writing a book takes a lot of emotion and thoughts of a very experienced writer. Anybody can write but it takes much to reveal something so great to the world. I used five of my good friends to help relay the message, because I felt that they came very close to what I was looking for in someone that was mature enough to understand.

Whom I fall in love with, I guess that’s just more than my luck. My job is to make sure that ‘prince’ reads the book after we’re together. I’m very worried about how the fans would feel about the book, or if they’d like it. But more importantly I’m contemplating on what my future husband will think about this. I want to bring out all the best and worst features of myself.

The point is to make sure that not just my husband knows who I am, but that the fans get an idea also. I find it very creative that I’m willing to put myself on paper and give you the real me. I don’t feed people bullish*t, so all of this stuff will be real. This by chance and favor, just might be better than “Love&HipHop” and “The Notebook”. Why? Good thing you ask, because there’s nothing fiction about this book. What do you guys think?

The Meaning or the wedding rings?

I’ve been taking into account lately, about the arguments over love or marriage. I notice how many people say, you don’t need the rings or a signed document stating that you love your partner. Others feel that the rings and the document needs to be there, just to prove that you love the person. Personally, I think the rings and documents should be there because it has a full-on meaning. You can’t claim to love your partner without showing it through an act.

That’s like a man telling a woman he’s been with for eight years, that he’s not going to pop the question. He feels that the ring isn’t relevant and that it doesn’t say much. Well, that’s a lie because it does mean something. It’s important that whomever chooses to get married does it for the right reasons. You can’t possibly want to just marry someone for a month and just lose the ring like Kim Kardashian. That’s very childish, it comes to show not just the world but God that you could never take marriage seriously. I wouldn’t blame her for getting a divorce anyway, because she wasn’t ready at all. She’s all over the place and is now trying to get in where she fits in. That’s not cool or feminine at all!

About almost all of America gets tired of being single, or just dating. Eventually they fall under the spell of something or someone and marries the person. It’s not that someone’s money caught their love, or maybe it is. The point being is that everyone wants to marry and have kids when they’re good and ready. We don’t want to over populate, but we don’t want to under populate either. The ring signifies something crucial and important. I don’t mind sharing that with you, maybe this can help you understand why the rings and documents are so very important. There are married men that cheat, but there are also good men out there, also.







The purpose of the vows and the rings, are to bring the people together. When you join unions, you’re no longer two different people. You become one under the body of Christ, which calls for working as a team and devoting much of your time to it. The vows that says,’ until death do us part’ was meant to keep the two people together. They have to work through their problems, work through their happiness and work through their struggle together. Also, the ring is to ensure other beings amongst you that, you’re married and found what you’ve been looking for. You can’t snoop around, trying to find someone else to fonder with and you’re wearing those vows around your finger.

The meeting of a union is also, a covenant to God that MUST NOT be broken. The only way you can undo what you did, is by divorcing the person if that’s what you feel. The purpose of marriage was never intended for divorcing your spouse. It was meant to keep you both together and to work things out. Some people want their first wedding to be their last wedding, and that means no marrying other people again. You have faithful women and men, that will be willing to crusade with you and make sure that you remain under one system. You can’t operate by being dictated or controlled by someone that’s trying to give you advice, and their marriage didn’t even last.

Normally, a promise comes with marriage and that’s a kid or 6 dozen. Everyone wants children because they feel that it will bring joy and happiness to them. A baby will do those things but, they won’t fulfill that wish for all the wrong reasons. You don’t want to marry just so you can get the kid and leave your wife or vice versa. A child is meant to be born when everything around not just them, but you and your spouse is very stable. A stable environment and what gives you the most joyous feeling and experience out of just having a baby and being married. You don’t have to feel like you’re going to be tied down, because a married is not meant for “tying someone down” either. Marriage is about forming something so strong, and bonding things that no one can attempt to break. You want a foundation that will build empires and nations for decades to come, so that your children and your children’s children, can understand what it means to make a covenant to God.

Finally, when a man marries a woman, he’s expected to do things that a man does. He holds the key to not just the bank accounts or the house, he provides for his family so that they won’t ever have to go hungry in a million years from now. That’s the power of marriage when two unions are joined together to provide for their offspring, and to keep each other happy. This is why a lot of us women want to get married.

Kissed By An Angel (series): _Book Review_


Before I go into details about what I thought about this book. I have to give credit where it’s due, to the amazing and elegant author, ELIZABETH CHANDLER. She worked very hard to make me into something, I thought I would have a very hard time being. This author does a lot of Paranormal Romance and my first time reading the book was very tempting.

I first picked up the book EVER CROSSED, which was the first book to the series. It was about a young teenage girl going into her adolescent years, with a boyfriend she loved so much. His name was Tristan, and they did everything together. They even believed in angels together, and not for a second doubted them. Ivy was so in love with this boy, that he was her life. She didn’t move, breathe or live without him. One day Ivy’s mother married her friend’s father. Her friend’s name was Gregory, but he was crushing on Ivy for a long time before she came to the realization of how he felt about her.

Gregory purposely planned on murdering Tristan. He was jealous of Ivy and Tristan’s relationship, so he was going to take Tristan out. How he did it was very knifing and slick. I don’t want to give away all the details, but this series is worth reading because it will get you hooked. When Tristan died, Ivy stopped hanging out with her friends and isolated herself from her crew. She would go to school, wok, and then straight home. Her little brother also believed in angels, so he helped his sister to get back into believing that angels existed after her boyfriend died.

She cried everyday and night, while calling for him and wanting him. Gregory, her ex friend and stepbrother would poison her drinks and make her become delusional to her surroundings. She was home alone one day and she thought she heard something in the house. She went to go see whom it might be, thinking that it was her little brother, Phillip. A lot of Ivy’s friends were falling in love with her but she didn’t see anyone else but her dead boyfriend, Tristan.

Ivy believed that he was her soulmate and she couldn’t be without him. She would visit his grave site and talk to him. Tristan did become Ivy’s angel after while, protecting her from Gregory. He was out to kill her also, but he ended up getting killed at the end of the series. Ivy was trying to connect with her boyfriend and love him through death, but that wasn’t possible.

After Tristan revealed himself to her, she began to do more things with her friends. She watched her every step and how she acted around Gregory when he was alive. This romance suspense was thrilling and very hands-on. The emotions of all the characters spilled out like a glass of water. Every character had something that I could possibly relate to. There was love, anger, confusion, hurt, torment, revenge, and everything else you could possibly think of.

The message that was being sent through the book, had a lot to do with the “power of love”. I fell in love with Tristan myself, until I came to the ending of it, to realize that the character wasn’t real. You have people out there that will fight for their soulmate and protect them through whatever situation. Love has no boundaries and when a person means a lot to you, there’s no telling how far you’ll go for them. Love will beat you down sometimes, just to keep you humble. If you have someone that means the most to you, stick with them through everything.

I would recommend this book, because many people can relate. The author is very on point with her writing and I couldn’t put the books down. I read through the book with the colorful rose on it in three days and there are over 300 pages. I cried, I laughed and I felt. Elizabeth Chandler has did it again, and I have to applaud her for her good works and persuasion. Go get a copy if you don’t already have it!! I’m telling you, this is right on the money!!!!