I know that everyone in the world remembers the movie ‘Annie’. I have to say that this musical was very on point and it never gets old. There was certainly a message from the movie, that was meant for the public to pick up. I guess the message being relayed is that family is very important, doesn’t matter if you’re from an orphanage. It’s important to stick together when someone is trying to do you wrong. When you have friends/family that can be happy for you, there’s a lot that can happen for the best. Annie wanted her parents so badly, before she realized that someone else wanted to love her. You never know who you need to love you the same, if not more. Life allows things to happen, so the best way to live it is just by exploring and learning new things. It doesn’t hurt to see how someone else may live, if you’re lucky — They’ll accept you!


Getting laid or played?



I shared with a few of my friends where I stand, in the process of my new project (book). Le Promesse is something that will offer most or many readers an adventure. This is a book I’m writing for my significant other and I happened to use a few real friends from my knowing, and make them characters in the book.

Writing a book takes a lot of emotion and thoughts of a very experienced writer. Anybody can write but it takes much to reveal something so great to the world. I used five of my good friends to help relay the message, because I felt that they came very close to what I was looking for in someone that was mature enough to understand.

Whom I fall in love with, I guess that’s just more than my luck. My job is to make sure that ‘prince’ reads the book after we’re together. I’m very worried about how the fans would feel about the book, or if they’d like it. But more importantly I’m contemplating on what my future husband will think about this. I want to bring out all the best and worst features of myself.

The point is to make sure that not just my husband knows who I am, but that the fans get an idea also. I find it very creative that I’m willing to put myself on paper and give you the real me. I don’t feed people bullish*t, so all of this stuff will be real. This by chance and favor, just might be better than “Love&HipHop” and “The Notebook”. Why? Good thing you ask, because there’s nothing fiction about this book. What do you guys think?

Is there really a meaning behind a dream?



There comes a time in the 24 hour day period that every human being gets tired. You have to go to sleep whether you like it or not, right? Coffee doesn’t do much of the trick unless you were chugging it down like a beer battle, competition. I like coffee, but I’m not going to force feed it to myself everyday and all day, like there’s no water lying on the surface of the earth.

For about a year, up until the past few months I was having the same dream! I don’t know if i should consider it as a nightmare, but this thing kept haunting me. There was maybe about three days before I realized that I didn’t want to go to sleep, because the moment my eyes closed –Things were going to change for either the best or the worst. In this case, it was always the worst!

I was spooked by the nightmare/dream that kept scaring me. There was a message in the dream but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Before I go into further details, I want to say that –If there’s a dream that  has you frightened or shaking as if your body can’t control itself …GET HELP!! I happened to be in my living room, calling just about every Christian I knew to help with getting answers. My hands were shaking, my arms were shaking, it’s like everything about my physical form went completely cold.

So, for a year I had been having this dream and I remember it like it was real! The scenery is as fresh as the dew that sits on the roses. I was being chased by this one lion, and I didn’t know what he wanted. I thank God for keeping me safe because I always woke up with the heart beat of a marathon of racing horses. Sometimes I’d wake up sweating or in tears, because no one could help me! This information that’s about to be shared is strictly not a game and I noticed that after the fist month of running from this lion.

I was spiritually and sometimes physically tired when I’d wake up in the mornings. I never went to bed late, and I had the approximate hours of sleep that I needed. Whatever legends were going on about eating late, I had no habit of. I mean I’d feel so weak that sometimes I couldn’t leave my bed or leave the house for a long time.

There was this lion chasing me through this dark neighborhood. I remember having a few of my church friends with me and I hid them in the hotel bathroom, so they wouldn’t get harmed. I took the balcony and waited for the lion to fully break through the room door before he could reach the balcony. I took my belt off as quickly as possible and tied one end to the railings and another around my petite waste. By the time I was tied up to the balcony, the lion had broke through the door and sniffed out the restroom door, hoping to find me. He couldn’t smell me in the bathroom, so he happened to see me standing on the balcony railing on my mark –ready to jump.

When he broke through those glass doors I jumped off the balcony, with the belt tightly around me! The lion was close but missed me by an inch. He went falling from the balcony and landed on his feet, trying to jump through mid air to get me as I was dangling from the balcony. Finally, he left and I waited ten minutes before I loosed myself and landed on my feet to the ground. Quietly I walked through the empty streets of the neighborhood and was panicking. I would yell out for help sometimes but no one could hear me. I never ranged the neighbor’s doorbells because I didn’t know if they were part of this lion chase, either.

I walked those desolate streets in pitch dark, only having light from the neighbor’s houses to see. I woke up frightened and scared out of my mind. The next time I went to sleep I was in a carnival scenery with my church folks, the ones I normally stuck around and called friends. We were at this carnival/circus and we were just walking around eating candy, all of a sudden a male lion breaks out and chases us!! Everyone is crying and yelling, while I’m trying to distract it and lead it in my direction, so no one else gets harmed.

My cousin and I get into this maze health workout thing and I see the lion. He’s walking on the thinest tight rope and doing whatever he has to do to get to me. My heart was still racing but she  stayed with me through it all. When we finished the maze, the lion was still chasing after me! I and all my church friends met up with one of the elders from the church and got into her car, she was still driving slow! By that time I was calm, because while the lion was chasing me someone stabbed it with a needle and knocked it out for a second. This person was wearing all white doctor gear, but while I was rolling out of the carnival’s parking lot –THE WHOLE CARNIVAL BLEW UP!

Than the dream kept continuing, this time it was either friends being taken from the dream or people being added. I wasn’t sure if maybe I was in a spiritual warfare against the devil or what? To make a long story short, the very last night that I had the dream, everyone was taken out and it was just me, myself and I. This time it went from that one furious male lion, to a pride of lionesses trying to protect me. I wasn’t sure if I was walking into someone’s territory that I didn’t belong on or if I was being tested by faith. The night ended with me drawing the sword from my back that I was provided with. The moment the lion saw the sword, he fled and never had I dreamt of it again.

It’s one thing when it’s something simple, but a nightmare/dream like that has a meaning to it. The best dreams are the ones where you can finally take control of yourself, and can’t no dream direct you to do what it wants you to do according to the script. Sometimes you have to fight to take over something that no one else can. I can now control where I go in my dreams and how I want the story to end, that’s cool but dangerous at the same time!!!