The power of Voting!!


This song is copyrighted by Eric Joseph the maker of the song. I wanted to let you all know that Obama has been through a lot. Our country has accomplished a lot, so make sure you keep Obama in office. Mitt Romney is just a somebody that just wants fame and exposure. The MAIN POINT, is that you vote for Obama and make sure we keep our country safe and active.




It’s been four years already and BARACK OBAMA, has served this country well. I’m hoping that he serves again, and that everyone votes for him. He knows what he’s doing and the truth behind politics. I admire the fact that he looks out for the middle class, to make sure that we don’t go “broke”. I don’t understand why Mitt Romney wants to steal from the middle class, ¬†knowing that it could cause the economy to go into something beyond a depression. I don’t know why rich people let dumb things go to their heads, like for example. Stacey Dash, talking about how Mitt Romney spoke to her and it made her realize. My question is what did it make you realize? She couldn’t answer it, she only felt that way because she didn’t want to pay taxes and help build new roads and such. I remember watching her interview over the television and they were bringing up people’s thoughts on her decision for whom she would vote for. Many told her she could jump off a cliff and kill herself, and others called her a dumb blonde. She claimed she didn’t feel any kind of way about it, but I know she did. Beyonce and Jay-z helped him raise money for a campaign and to get everyone to vote for OBAMA. I love how his family is very supportive of him and they see how hard he works. There are so many haters marching around here with sad faces. I just want to say that y’all need to think smart and vote for Obama. Mitt Romney has no experience in presidential ethnic background. This is exactly why I feel sorry for Boston, Massachusetts.