The five winners for SWORD OF LOVE: A PARISIAN LOVE ARE:

1. Marcus Moore

2. Athea Cranford

3. Fatimah James Hope

4. Christi Lipsey

5. Joretta Morris




**I said that there would be an extension for, LE PROMESSE!! So the two winners for that are: ***

1. Darline Hernandez

2. Deborah jordan



Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Hammered by Hurricane Sandy

The same ship I was on in June was the best experience ever, but for the fact that Hurricane sandy took a toll on it, was crazy. When I was last on this ship, they had almost everything you could think of and the best part was that, they musicals were live and the actors were amazing. I hope that everyone remains safe and don’t get in the way of sandy, because she just might bury y’all asses.

The Best part about being celebrated!!





The best part about being celebrated is when you get to spend your time with the people that you love. You get to do more than just have fun, and jump around to act stupid. You can be yourself because they accept who you are, and they know what you deserve. I’m grateful because not many people have real friends, but I was blessed with a few real ones. The fact that God has told me that it’s okay to be different, that made my day alright. 

Nothing else matters when you have friends that no longer have that label. They than become family and that blood than becomes thicker than water. A few people that you thought were true friends, maybe they’d come around but they showed themselves. I’d rather have 8 friends than the whole world. I love each and everyone of them that came to celebrate me, on behalf of my life. 

During my birthday dinner, we had so much fun. No one cared that those who missed out wasn’t there. We had fun and pushed those problems in a pile of dust in the corner. We did the electric slide, the wobble, cha cha slide and we danced the night away. Thank you to all that showed up and once again for something that was so “private” it was the greatest encounter ever. 

The spell of the ‘Happy birthday’ Song.

Okay so my birthday is approximately in 3 days and I’m excited. I’ll be 19 years of age, but I hate one specific thing about each year. The ‘happy birthday’ song. I feel that it’s depressing and sometimes, it gets on my nerves and makes me want to cry. To me it reminds me of all the nursery rhymes that had a creepy meaning to it. The way the melody of the song happens to be played out, it freaks me out. I agreed to not having a cake this year for my birthday dinner, only because the song freaks me out and I feel like no one understands the madness of the song. Am I a creep for this?

The Power of Music


I don’t listen to rap much these days because it doesn’t have much meaning to it. R&B is okay but now-a-days I prefer soft piano music. I think it’s the tranquility of it that allows you to relax, and just be at peace. Normally, when I’m writing books or trying to focus on a scene I pull this kind of music up, and I listen to it. This has a meaning to it, and it’s very mind catching. Sometimes when I hear music like this, I just lie in bed and relax.


Most of the inspiration I get in writing, and with staying humble is listening to this kind of music. Things come a little easier, and it feels like everything that was once rushed, has slowed down. It’s so much of the story behind the music, instead of having lyrics all the time. This is that type of music you can listen to in the morning, and no one can tell you to turn it off. A music, something made for all hours of the day. Classic music is beautiful too, but I’d flow more with this.


There’s something about music that keeps everyone grounded. It’s like the world is all chaotic, but as soon as something meaningful comes on, the world than is at peace. It’s a way of bringing people of all color and race together. The fact of having a lot in common with each other, music is what brought us to the same arena. Sad to say we still have racist people in the world, but those  that depends on music to keep us together, has been one step closer to a better world. There’s a lot going on, and people are killing each other, but music has this power to bring peace.

If music was a holiday, I guess it would be celebrated all throughout the year. There would be BB-Q’s and parties all the time. The different cultures of music is what makes everything so diverse. No one wants to hear the same things, but we do want to hear music. I don’t consider today’s music, real music because it’s a lot of meaningless nonsense. Artist just rap or sing, just to sing. Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Jill scott, India Arie and countless others; they gave music the real definition of power. There’s so much power in words, but if you listen to some of the lyrics from back in the day, everything had a meaning. I know I have to be correct!


The interview is a bit long, but the watch is worth it. Kenyona was interviewed by Sidney Antoine, an upcoming musician that knows adele drummer and Jill Scott’s bassist, Tony Braxton’s drummer, Backstreet Boys drummer and more …Kenyona is up and coming, so don’t miss out on her book that’s being published in January!! Her work is worth the reading!!