The author talking about her newest project!


Author Kenyona is talking about her new project, and the publishing of her first book. There’s a lot going on, but the author is doing it!!!

Is blogging Lucrative?

A lot of people are asking questions about blogging. Is it lucrative? Is the money surplus? Well, YES!! In order for it to work you have to be persistent and patient about it. A niche blog focuses on one very specific topic and it’s this type of blog that aligns well with blog monetization methods such as contextual advertising and affiliate marketing. Not all blog topics are going to bring in strong earnings, for various reasons. So how do you pick a niche blog topic that’s apt to be lucrative?

There are 6 steps to making this work:

{ONE} = Create a list of interests, topics that you would be willing to write about on a regular basis.

{TWO} = You will need a topic that has potential for 100 or more blog entries about various elements or aspects of that topic. Look at the list that you created in Step 1 and cross off any topics that would not allow for 100 or more blog entries.

{THREE} = Consider affiliate marketing potential. Bloggers can earn significant revenue from affiliate marketing, but the niche blog topic must align well with affiliate marketing. Will a particular topic lend itself to recommendations for products or book sales? If not, then that topic should be crossed off the list, as affiliate marketing is a primary source of revenue for niche bloggers.

{FOUR} = Eliminate any niche blogging topics associated with “stop words” or “poison words” that might interfere with contextual marketing programs like Google AdWords. Keywords related to sex, gambling and crimes are frequently labeled as “stop words” or “poison words,” which result in all Google AdWords advertisements  getting pulled from that particular web page.

{FIVE} = Determine search volume and cost per click (CPC) for keywords associated with the topics that remain on the list. Using the Google Keyword Tool or a similar website, enter keyword terms associated with a particular niche blogging topic. You want a topic with at least five primary keywords that have a search volume of more than 20,000 per month. Also be sure to select “Show Avg. Estimated CPC” from the drop-down menu to view CPC. The CPC determines how much you can earn per ad click. The higher the CPC, the better the earning potential for a particular niche blogging topic.

{SIX} = Select a niche blogging topic from those remaining on the list and start blogging.

Learn the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) to maximize page views and earning potential. When purchasing a niche blog domain name, select a name that contains keywords relating to your blog topic. Blog regularly–at least three times per week. Fresh material encourages repeat visitors.



Another Year Older — It’s Part of Growing Up!!

I was awakened by a phone call at 12:00 a.m. from someone that I planned on settling for. He wished me a happy birthday and said a few things to help make my day better. After, we got off the phone I hung up and tried to focus on the positive side of things. I had a loss of sleep, because some of the screaming that came from the intercom machines in my room, and in the basement.

Finally, I closed my eyes and saw something really crazy. I was getting laid in my dreams, but what made it funny was that I woke up laughing. I’ve grown-up and matured over the last 19 years, and there a lot that I’ve learned. I’m one of the most coolest people you would know. My personality is very outgoing and down to earth. I know how to laugh, joke and be serious when it’s time.

The best thing that’s ever happened to me, was God allowing me to see another year. There’s a lot going on and I’ve accomplished a lot. Especially, getting my first book published in January 2013, and doing a touring book signing. I try to keep everyone happy and getting into the enjoyment of reading my work, and some of the blog posted. I’m human just like everyone else, and I’m deciding to feel, and be like myself.



I’m young, but there’s a lot that I have to offer. I’ve been blessed with so much and I don’t regret having the talent that I do. There are so many ways to be creative and I’m doing it right now. As we grow older, we listen out for the things in our surroundings and become more aware of certain things. Life isn’t the easiest gift given to us, but we make the most of it by living like it’s our last day.

I wasn’t looking for anything on this beautiful day. I just needed life, and something to let me know that God was giving me another chance at life. There’s a lot that I want from life, and that includes a man that loves me, and a family. I’m not dumb but I know what I can handle and what I can not. I’m different from other females, because I carry myself with grace and elegance. I’m learning about myself everyday, and I’m doing something great. I have dreams and achievements, and I’m going to get the majority of them all achieved before I turn twenty-five. I’ve been working hard, so since today is my birthday — I’m relaxing and taking it easy.

The Contest and the rules!!!

The rules strictly applies to everyone that is contemplating/ joined the competition. You must play fair and don’t cheat, it’s not like you could anyway. The deadline for the contest is Nov. 27th 2012. You must enter your entries/submissions on the contest page. No one can tell you what to write about, but it has to be something interesting. There should be a sample of a short story or novella that you’re in the process of working on. I guarantee that this will be fun, because I’ve done something such as this before, and everyone had a blast.

However you choose to enter it on the ‘CONTEST’ page, is your business. It has to be visible to me so that I can see it, and the choice of format is yours. Please do NOT write in penmanship, because that’s doing too much. It has to be your own version of “LE PROMESSE” and however you want to create it. I will post a short example of mines up on the site so that you can have some insight as to what’s going on. There will only be one winner, and the first place winner gets a signed copy of my book SWORD OF LOVE: A PARISIAN LOVE (BOOK1) and a T-shirt, cd and bookmark. I’m contemplating on putting some cash in the prize/stash.




Below I have an example of my own LE PROMESSE (The promise). Don’t copy nor take any of the characters or anything that  has its’ content. The book is currently being worked on now, and has been copyrighted for future references.




Chapter One

       I know not a lot of people my age tend to do the things I do. This is a big world and sometimes, we get lost in it. I found my purpose when I was awakened by the phases of life. I’m a person of love, but I have to compare myself to a butterfly. Like something so small, I go through many different stages before I become mature.

There’s this room that I’m writing from. It represents something about myself, and I hope that the world can see the same exact things that I do. Sometimes I feel like we need to be alone with ourselves, to get the full understanding of what we want out of life.

As I lie down on this queen-sized bed, I’m writing a story without paper and pen. I thought that maybe if I went away to a far away angelic place to write this, than everyone would have a better understanding of who I am, as a person. I chose to lay my body to rest, in this all white beachfront house that stands facing the water.

There’s a pure white queen-sized bed and a white and silver lamp mounted to the wall. Everything is white except for the green plant that sits vertical of the bed, in a tall white vase. There’s a green, gray and white throw rug on top of the white carpet. A navy green and black granite table is placed against the wall, across from the bed. There’s this white chair placed in front of the table with golden emblazon on its sides.

This is Kenyona R.C. Parlor, not the physical being speaking to the world; but the spiritual being. People often mistake me for the physical things they see, but that has to be corrected. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with laying down my fleshy display. There’s a purpose and a reason for everything that is performed. Why can’t we just accept people as they really are? You’re physicality is what allows you to do certain things that your spirituality, doesn’t allow. Most of the times we want to see what we can feel, instead of feeling what it is that we cannot see.

This human race is complex to the point of malfunctions, especially when it comes to trying to fathom. We confuse our thoughts with our feelings, and our feelings with our thoughts. My point is that we’re backwards and don’t know how to move forward. We make things complicated but yet we all request for the best.

There’s a promise to someone out there, for someone that can love me without going for the physical things. I know it’s a challenge to all mankind when you have to define the inner side of a person, but things will work out for the best. It’s like going on a crusade to make it to the promise land, without any marks or blemishes.

I don’t have to ask what love is, because I know what it defines. I don’t confuse lust and love with one another. There’s a sacred part of me that is promised to a prince of a far away place. I’m not fearful of who the person is, but if he’s able to take on few challenges. A man goes through things, but he should never run when a challenge calls him out.

There’s something so beautiful around me, but why would I destroy it? I’m looking beyond my what my eyes are showing me. My heart has a mind and eyes of its own; I’m following the path of justification for what’s right. I need someone that has their own and knows how to grow up when it’s time to do so. I would never disappoint myself, settling for a business talk isn’t what I’m searching for. I’d prefer to cut right to the chase and get on with my life, family, and this promise!






****Make sure you make the story your own, and keep the readers interested! May the best submission win!! ********

The curse of a Humble Heart

You know how this world is filled with people that have big hearts? I mean their hearts are so huge that even the world wasn’t large enough for it to live there? I look at so many people and I realize how much a humble person goes through. There are two types of people: The bad ones and the good ones.

Then, when you seek out the heart of a bad person; it seems that there is no hope for them. They throw tantrums and will probably pick the world up and throw it on somebody’s head. They dwell in a place of anger and uncertainty. It seems that sometimes they can behave, but than they’re back to their same old ways. I know I’m right because I’ve witnessed this up close and personal.

The world has a few humble people left on it, and those that are left gets the worst beaten. They take more than the average evil person and still life doesn’t care.Sometimes I want to ask life, why does it hate us good people the most? Is it that we don’t give the reaction that we should, that it keeps beating us down? I don’t really know but things seem a bit backwards to me. I know that not every action needs a reaction. It’s like telling yourself to woosa when all hell has broken loose.


Life doesn’t always have your back, but it’s your responsibility to make sure that we learn the lessons taught to us by the teacher. Yesterday while I was laying in my bed, I learned something so crucial and beneficial to my future. It’s not okay to sit around and watch everyone else get their blessing, while you’re not doing anything. Make life better by doing all that should be done and making sure you’re worrying about yourself instead of others.

Think of it as the humbler you are, the harder the fall. Sometimes the bigger the miracle is also. You have to pass the class you’re in now just to make sure you can complete the next level. Life is just like school, so make sure you school it and don’t always let it school you. You might not want to find that you had to repeat the course all over again, just because you missed out on a day’s lesson!!!





Good Afternoon,

I’m the administrator of this website, and I wanted to apologize to a few of the fans. I’d been very busy for the past week, booked with school – work and career stuff. I haven’t been meaning to neglect any of you.

I’m not complaining to anyone at all. It’s hard to balance out school, work and making sure the fans are always satisfied. I knew what I was getting myself into and so I vow not to neglect you all, again. I will be posting a lot of blogs for the next few days, so I hope you all enjoy everything that will be posted.

Thanks for your support and concern for all those who contacted me!! I’m forever yours and I will dedicate myself to keeping my audience happy. I will leave you all a big surprise at the end of the week, so stay tuned and keep very close!!


Sincerely yours,

Kenyona R.C. Parlor ❤




I was writing a wedding scene out through my eye lids with my powerful mind (dreaming). I thought about how beautiful this looked, and how many women would give up everything to get married. It’s a beautiful thing to be counted as one with your soulmate/partner. It’s not just the scenery that keeps it all together and makes your mood up lifting. A man that marries a woman, means that his heart is set on her for eternity. It’s making a covenant and a vow between yourself, your man and God. You have to be able to love her/him until death does you part.

The human angels hanging from the ceiling made this beautiful. Everything dressed up and decorated in white, means something significant. The tears streaming down her face, as she walks down that aisle to her husband-to-be. The groom standing there with his hand out, waiting for his wife-to-be and thinking about all the special times they shared. The good and bad flashes before you both as you get closer and closer to something sacred.

The honeymoon is everything too, but that specific moment of “I Do” has captured the hearts of the angels, and God. To tell a person that you can love them for eternity is something very special and giving. The penis doesn’t always fulfill the job, I mean it’s good but there something more important. He/she wants the smiles, hugs, good times and bad times together (memories). It means everything for your soulmate to know that your heart will never grow old from theirs. You can love them like it was the first day, every single day and hour that time passes and becomes old.

We all fall into love, no matter how much of the crazy types we may be. There’s something that overtakes our fears, and fills us with encouragement and that lavishing love. The cost of love will always be expensive, no matter how much we try to deny it. I’m not talking about the money, but the cost of time, ways, hearts and promises. Marriage is a package with a promise that automatically comes with having kids, faith and a good man.

Let the one who runs the household, be the man that God has created specifically for you!! The moment couldn’t get any better…


The interview is a bit long, but the watch is worth it. Kenyona was interviewed by Sidney Antoine, an upcoming musician that knows adele drummer and Jill Scott’s bassist, Tony Braxton’s drummer, Backstreet Boys drummer and more …Kenyona is up and coming, so don’t miss out on her book that’s being published in January!! Her work is worth the reading!!

Kissed By An Angel (series): _Book Review_


Before I go into details about what I thought about this book. I have to give credit where it’s due, to the amazing and elegant author, ELIZABETH CHANDLER. She worked very hard to make me into something, I thought I would have a very hard time being. This author does a lot of Paranormal Romance and my first time reading the book was very tempting.

I first picked up the book EVER CROSSED, which was the first book to the series. It was about a young teenage girl going into her adolescent years, with a boyfriend she loved so much. His name was Tristan, and they did everything together. They even believed in angels together, and not for a second doubted them. Ivy was so in love with this boy, that he was her life. She didn’t move, breathe or live without him. One day Ivy’s mother married her friend’s father. Her friend’s name was Gregory, but he was crushing on Ivy for a long time before she came to the realization of how he felt about her.

Gregory purposely planned on murdering Tristan. He was jealous of Ivy and Tristan’s relationship, so he was going to take Tristan out. How he did it was very knifing and slick. I don’t want to give away all the details, but this series is worth reading because it will get you hooked. When Tristan died, Ivy stopped hanging out with her friends and isolated herself from her crew. She would go to school, wok, and then straight home. Her little brother also believed in angels, so he helped his sister to get back into believing that angels existed after her boyfriend died.

She cried everyday and night, while calling for him and wanting him. Gregory, her ex friend and stepbrother would poison her drinks and make her become delusional to her surroundings. She was home alone one day and she thought she heard something in the house. She went to go see whom it might be, thinking that it was her little brother, Phillip. A lot of Ivy’s friends were falling in love with her but she didn’t see anyone else but her dead boyfriend, Tristan.

Ivy believed that he was her soulmate and she couldn’t be without him. She would visit his grave site and talk to him. Tristan did become Ivy’s angel after while, protecting her from Gregory. He was out to kill her also, but he ended up getting killed at the end of the series. Ivy was trying to connect with her boyfriend and love him through death, but that wasn’t possible.

After Tristan revealed himself to her, she began to do more things with her friends. She watched her every step and how she acted around Gregory when he was alive. This romance suspense was thrilling and very hands-on. The emotions of all the characters spilled out like a glass of water. Every character had something that I could possibly relate to. There was love, anger, confusion, hurt, torment, revenge, and everything else you could possibly think of.

The message that was being sent through the book, had a lot to do with the “power of love”. I fell in love with Tristan myself, until I came to the ending of it, to realize that the character wasn’t real. You have people out there that will fight for their soulmate and protect them through whatever situation. Love has no boundaries and when a person means a lot to you, there’s no telling how far you’ll go for them. Love will beat you down sometimes, just to keep you humble. If you have someone that means the most to you, stick with them through everything.

I would recommend this book, because many people can relate. The author is very on point with her writing and I couldn’t put the books down. I read through the book with the colorful rose on it in three days and there are over 300 pages. I cried, I laughed and I felt. Elizabeth Chandler has did it again, and I have to applaud her for her good works and persuasion. Go get a copy if you don’t already have it!! I’m telling you, this is right on the money!!!!

What lies behind a kiss?



Adam was made for Eve, so therefore a man and woman was made for each other. When two people kiss, what is that feeling that overtakes them? You hear a lot of people asking, if there was spark that was felt after or during the kiss. Is that something us humans tend to drag out, or is there really a spark that lights the candle? I’ve kissed the ones I’ve dated and didn’t feel anything in the kisses, at all. I’m beginning to think that, a kiss is a kiss. Just like a hug is a hug. I don’t think there’s a spark for neither of the elements. I could be wrong, until the day that the one I kiss makes me believe differently. This is  crazy but someone tell me your views on a kiss. Is there really a “spark” there, or something the people just tend to drag out?