What does it take to be a lion?

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Those who remain at the top of the food pyramid usually are the ones to take over the African land, of Kenya! These are wild cats, in which they were not destined to for tameness in a world, such as theirs! This is a life that can only be lived by the wild cats of the African plains.

A system must be set-up so that order can be maintained. Everything happens for a reason when it comes to the cycles of life. Wild cats are the most social animals in the jungle of the Savannah plans, and to keep power over everything else requires more stamina than we could ever imagine.

Male lions fight for anarchy in a pride, so that they can create a future for themselves. They will kill off the cubs and fight the male lions, just to keep the lionesses so they could have cubs of their own. Lionesses do the majority of the work, while the male is assigned to protect the pride from any sign of danger. A female lion normally does all the hunting, nursing and bonding with the rest of the pride. When it comes down to hunting, a male cannot do it unless desperate measures call for it. The mane of a male lion will make them visible to the prey, and that’ll make catching food, much harder than usual.

A male can also do a special call, just to be notified of a lioness being in heat. This is when courtship is bound to happen. These cats mate twenty-five times a day, just to make sure that the lioness is fertile and able to conceive. Some give birth to one cub, but at most they can conceive six.

There is also a leader of the Lionesses that can lead the pride if there is no male, or if they have to fight an intruder to keep the pride safe. This requires a lot of energy and experience. Those that are looking for a pride to take over are normally called nomads. Nomads are male lions that travel onto marked territory, to fight the leader of the pride, or to be accepted into the pride. This can be dangerous and life-threaten, causing broken teeth and bloody faces. The injuries are nothing small!

Lions are opportunist, which causes them to minimize risk. They are much more powerful that jaguars, tigers and cheetahs. Superior strength is something that’s required in a pride, and they won’t carry a weak lion or lioness. The pride should never be at risk, trying to carry the weakest link. When things like this happen, it’s required for the weak or injured cat to part from the pride. Sometimes the changing of certain tactics is a plus, because living on a routine can sometimes be unhealthy.

The biggest and most dangerous prey that a lion could take down is a buffalo. These are huge beasts that are worst than wilder-beast; they will kill a lion if they have to. It normally requires the whole pride to take it down, unless the male does it. The meal is split amongst the pride also, but the male has every right to take the meal and eat it all for himself.

Some people wonder why wild cats are the most socialist! They do a lot of bonding when it comes to taking care of each other’s cubs, and scent-sharing. Rubbing heads together and leaving behind a scent on territory that belongs to them normally do this. There’s a lot that goes down in one pride alone, and it’s amazing how they communicate. There are just events that must be taken to assure their own future, whether it’s fighting, making a new pride or even killing one off; just to start a new life all over again! It’s takes much to be a lion.

The power of Verbal Fate




You can do one of two things when it comes to verbally speaking to someone. The way you talk to someone determines many things. They will either look at you in a discomforting way, or they’ll accept you for your kind words. I’m sure everyone has been in a situation, where you’ve had people talk to you both ways. You can make or break a person, but how they react determines if you’ll get the best of them.

Now, I’m not the type to allow someone to disrespect me. I’ve been told time after time, to never allow someone to come off as rude and arrogant towards me. I don’t need to be lectured on that, because I do admit to having anger problems. I can control my anger, but I’m the one that waits until you push me off the edge. Give me enough of the push and I’ll take advantage of the opportunity.

That doesn’t mean I’m bipolar, or the person next to me is. People like to mess with others for the satisfactory of their own esteem. I care about everyone, but when it comes to using words — It’s either peace or war! The best I could tell you is, don’t allow someone to bully you. When you don’t defend yourself, you give the world an opportunity to make you mentally suffer. That’s worst than a physical weapon stabbing at your organs.

verbal attack has the power to take life away from a person, only if it’s negativity. People are sensitive or may take thing to the heart. Than there are those (me) that speak life and positivity into a person’s life. I’ve been through much where I’ve been weak minded enough to allow a person to take my dreams away.

Today I changed that, because I realize that I’m only a human that deserves to live. I’ve never compromised anything of mines, to settle for the belittling of myself by another person. Make a difference by speaking positive to people, because there are people out there watching!

The author talking about her newest project!


Author Kenyona is talking about her new project, and the publishing of her first book. There’s a lot going on, but the author is doing it!!!

Is blogging Lucrative?

A lot of people are asking questions about blogging. Is it lucrative? Is the money surplus? Well, YES!! In order for it to work you have to be persistent and patient about it. A niche blog focuses on one very specific topic and it’s this type of blog that aligns well with blog monetization methods such as contextual advertising and affiliate marketing. Not all blog topics are going to bring in strong earnings, for various reasons. So how do you pick a niche blog topic that’s apt to be lucrative?

There are 6 steps to making this work:

{ONE} = Create a list of interests, topics that you would be willing to write about on a regular basis.

{TWO} = You will need a topic that has potential for 100 or more blog entries about various elements or aspects of that topic. Look at the list that you created in Step 1 and cross off any topics that would not allow for 100 or more blog entries.

{THREE} = Consider affiliate marketing potential. Bloggers can earn significant revenue from affiliate marketing, but the niche blog topic must align well with affiliate marketing. Will a particular topic lend itself to recommendations for products or book sales? If not, then that topic should be crossed off the list, as affiliate marketing is a primary source of revenue for niche bloggers.

{FOUR} = Eliminate any niche blogging topics associated with “stop words” or “poison words” that might interfere with contextual marketing programs like Google AdWords. Keywords related to sex, gambling and crimes are frequently labeled as “stop words” or “poison words,” which result in all Google AdWords advertisements  getting pulled from that particular web page.

{FIVE} = Determine search volume and cost per click (CPC) for keywords associated with the topics that remain on the list. Using the Google Keyword Tool or a similar website, enter keyword terms associated with a particular niche blogging topic. You want a topic with at least five primary keywords that have a search volume of more than 20,000 per month. Also be sure to select “Show Avg. Estimated CPC” from the drop-down menu to view CPC. The CPC determines how much you can earn per ad click. The higher the CPC, the better the earning potential for a particular niche blogging topic.

{SIX} = Select a niche blogging topic from those remaining on the list and start blogging.

Learn the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) to maximize page views and earning potential. When purchasing a niche blog domain name, select a name that contains keywords relating to your blog topic. Blog regularly–at least three times per week. Fresh material encourages repeat visitors.



Another Year Older — It’s Part of Growing Up!!

I was awakened by a phone call at 12:00 a.m. from someone that I planned on settling for. He wished me a happy birthday and said a few things to help make my day better. After, we got off the phone I hung up and tried to focus on the positive side of things. I had a loss of sleep, because some of the screaming that came from the intercom machines in my room, and in the basement.

Finally, I closed my eyes and saw something really crazy. I was getting laid in my dreams, but what made it funny was that I woke up laughing. I’ve grown-up and matured over the last 19 years, and there a lot that I’ve learned. I’m one of the most coolest people you would know. My personality is very outgoing and down to earth. I know how to laugh, joke and be serious when it’s time.

The best thing that’s ever happened to me, was God allowing me to see another year. There’s a lot going on and I’ve accomplished a lot. Especially, getting my first book published in January 2013, and doing a touring book signing. I try to keep everyone happy and getting into the enjoyment of reading my work, and some of the blog posted. I’m human just like everyone else, and I’m deciding to feel, and be like myself.



I’m young, but there’s a lot that I have to offer. I’ve been blessed with so much and I don’t regret having the talent that I do. There are so many ways to be creative and I’m doing it right now. As we grow older, we listen out for the things in our surroundings and become more aware of certain things. Life isn’t the easiest gift given to us, but we make the most of it by living like it’s our last day.

I wasn’t looking for anything on this beautiful day. I just needed life, and something to let me know that God was giving me another chance at life. There’s a lot that I want from life, and that includes a man that loves me, and a family. I’m not dumb but I know what I can handle and what I can not. I’m different from other females, because I carry myself with grace and elegance. I’m learning about myself everyday, and I’m doing something great. I have dreams and achievements, and I’m going to get the majority of them all achieved before I turn twenty-five. I’ve been working hard, so since today is my birthday — I’m relaxing and taking it easy.

Did You Say Full Sail University?

There are many things that brought me to Full Sail University. Being able to be in a world that has everything I’m looking for is everything, even when sharing talents and setting high standards to make it far in life. My particular program is Creative Writing For Entertainment (Bachelor of fine arts Degree program.) The presentation of how the school was presented to me through the behind the scenes tour made me feel like I belonged there. I think of this University as a place of network and support. The career goals I’ve set for myself are listed below:

  • Write seven or more consecutive best seller books
  • Achieve a Nebula Award, National Book Award, Emma Award, Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize for Literature
  • Meet Elizabeth Chandler
  • Reach what is beyond expected of me (going as deep as possible into my career)

Inspiration can come from many of people, places or things but my interpretation of it is a little different. Those who are driven to excel and work hard are the ones that start at the root of inspiration above all else. My imagination inspires me because; my thought patterns are peculiar in every way. And sometimes taking advantage is what I have to do in order to prove myself of other than what I may think. Elizabeth Chandler has played a big role in the reason why I write a lot today. Her books are very catchy and when I start reading her works I can’t stop.

I’m working on a book called “The Lion’s Cage” and the concept behind it is a message behind a message. A girl is kidnapped from birth and is tricked into thinking she’s been adopted. The motive behind it all was murder, money and jealousy. The main character can also attract lions, which in this case is a blessing to her. The point behind it is that there are two messages; the home she stays in is a death trap while her foster parent is a murderer. The lion and its pride worships this teenage girl because she has something that no one else in the world has. Imagination is everything and without it there’s no difference I can make. Determination, Imagination and persistence are key to making something highly impossible, possible. I am what motivate me to succeed, because at the end of the day when it’s all said and done I’m responsible for getting myself to where I want to be.

The curse of a Humble Heart

You know how this world is filled with people that have big hearts? I mean their hearts are so huge that even the world wasn’t large enough for it to live there? I look at so many people and I realize how much a humble person goes through. There are two types of people: The bad ones and the good ones.

Then, when you seek out the heart of a bad person; it seems that there is no hope for them. They throw tantrums and will probably pick the world up and throw it on somebody’s head. They dwell in a place of anger and uncertainty. It seems that sometimes they can behave, but than they’re back to their same old ways. I know I’m right because I’ve witnessed this up close and personal.

The world has a few humble people left on it, and those that are left gets the worst beaten. They take more than the average evil person and still life doesn’t care.Sometimes I want to ask life, why does it hate us good people the most? Is it that we don’t give the reaction that we should, that it keeps beating us down? I don’t really know but things seem a bit backwards to me. I know that not every action needs a reaction. It’s like telling yourself to woosa when all hell has broken loose.


Life doesn’t always have your back, but it’s your responsibility to make sure that we learn the lessons taught to us by the teacher. Yesterday while I was laying in my bed, I learned something so crucial and beneficial to my future. It’s not okay to sit around and watch everyone else get their blessing, while you’re not doing anything. Make life better by doing all that should be done and making sure you’re worrying about yourself instead of others.

Think of it as the humbler you are, the harder the fall. Sometimes the bigger the miracle is also. You have to pass the class you’re in now just to make sure you can complete the next level. Life is just like school, so make sure you school it and don’t always let it school you. You might not want to find that you had to repeat the course all over again, just because you missed out on a day’s lesson!!!





Author Kenyona P.


I thought that this was beautiful and common. When you look at this picture, how do you feel?

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Is there really a meaning behind a dream?



There comes a time in the 24 hour day period that every human being gets tired. You have to go to sleep whether you like it or not, right? Coffee doesn’t do much of the trick unless you were chugging it down like a beer battle, competition. I like coffee, but I’m not going to force feed it to myself everyday and all day, like there’s no water lying on the surface of the earth.

For about a year, up until the past few months I was having the same dream! I don’t know if i should consider it as a nightmare, but this thing kept haunting me. There was maybe about three days before I realized that I didn’t want to go to sleep, because the moment my eyes closed –Things were going to change for either the best or the worst. In this case, it was always the worst!

I was spooked by the nightmare/dream that kept scaring me. There was a message in the dream but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Before I go into further details, I want to say that –If there’s a dream that  has you frightened or shaking as if your body can’t control itself …GET HELP!! I happened to be in my living room, calling just about every Christian I knew to help with getting answers. My hands were shaking, my arms were shaking, it’s like everything about my physical form went completely cold.

So, for a year I had been having this dream and I remember it like it was real! The scenery is as fresh as the dew that sits on the roses. I was being chased by this one lion, and I didn’t know what he wanted. I thank God for keeping me safe because I always woke up with the heart beat of a marathon of racing horses. Sometimes I’d wake up sweating or in tears, because no one could help me! This information that’s about to be shared is strictly not a game and I noticed that after the fist month of running from this lion.

I was spiritually and sometimes physically tired when I’d wake up in the mornings. I never went to bed late, and I had the approximate hours of sleep that I needed. Whatever legends were going on about eating late, I had no habit of. I mean I’d feel so weak that sometimes I couldn’t leave my bed or leave the house for a long time.

There was this lion chasing me through this dark neighborhood. I remember having a few of my church friends with me and I hid them in the hotel bathroom, so they wouldn’t get harmed. I took the balcony and waited for the lion to fully break through the room door before he could reach the balcony. I took my belt off as quickly as possible and tied one end to the railings and another around my petite waste. By the time I was tied up to the balcony, the lion had broke through the door and sniffed out the restroom door, hoping to find me. He couldn’t smell me in the bathroom, so he happened to see me standing on the balcony railing on my mark –ready to jump.

When he broke through those glass doors I jumped off the balcony, with the belt tightly around me! The lion was close but missed me by an inch. He went falling from the balcony and landed on his feet, trying to jump through mid air to get me as I was dangling from the balcony. Finally, he left and I waited ten minutes before I loosed myself and landed on my feet to the ground. Quietly I walked through the empty streets of the neighborhood and was panicking. I would yell out for help sometimes but no one could hear me. I never ranged the neighbor’s doorbells because I didn’t know if they were part of this lion chase, either.

I walked those desolate streets in pitch dark, only having light from the neighbor’s houses to see. I woke up frightened and scared out of my mind. The next time I went to sleep I was in a carnival scenery with my church folks, the ones I normally stuck around and called friends. We were at this carnival/circus and we were just walking around eating candy, all of a sudden a male lion breaks out and chases us!! Everyone is crying and yelling, while I’m trying to distract it and lead it in my direction, so no one else gets harmed.

My cousin and I get into this maze health workout thing and I see the lion. He’s walking on the thinest tight rope and doing whatever he has to do to get to me. My heart was still racing but she  stayed with me through it all. When we finished the maze, the lion was still chasing after me! I and all my church friends met up with one of the elders from the church and got into her car, she was still driving slow! By that time I was calm, because while the lion was chasing me someone stabbed it with a needle and knocked it out for a second. This person was wearing all white doctor gear, but while I was rolling out of the carnival’s parking lot –THE WHOLE CARNIVAL BLEW UP!

Than the dream kept continuing, this time it was either friends being taken from the dream or people being added. I wasn’t sure if maybe I was in a spiritual warfare against the devil or what? To make a long story short, the very last night that I had the dream, everyone was taken out and it was just me, myself and I. This time it went from that one furious male lion, to a pride of lionesses trying to protect me. I wasn’t sure if I was walking into someone’s territory that I didn’t belong on or if I was being tested by faith. The night ended with me drawing the sword from my back that I was provided with. The moment the lion saw the sword, he fled and never had I dreamt of it again.

It’s one thing when it’s something simple, but a nightmare/dream like that has a meaning to it. The best dreams are the ones where you can finally take control of yourself, and can’t no dream direct you to do what it wants you to do according to the script. Sometimes you have to fight to take over something that no one else can. I can now control where I go in my dreams and how I want the story to end, that’s cool but dangerous at the same time!!!




I was writing a wedding scene out through my eye lids with my powerful mind (dreaming). I thought about how beautiful this looked, and how many women would give up everything to get married. It’s a beautiful thing to be counted as one with your soulmate/partner. It’s not just the scenery that keeps it all together and makes your mood up lifting. A man that marries a woman, means that his heart is set on her for eternity. It’s making a covenant and a vow between yourself, your man and God. You have to be able to love her/him until death does you part.

The human angels hanging from the ceiling made this beautiful. Everything dressed up and decorated in white, means something significant. The tears streaming down her face, as she walks down that aisle to her husband-to-be. The groom standing there with his hand out, waiting for his wife-to-be and thinking about all the special times they shared. The good and bad flashes before you both as you get closer and closer to something sacred.

The honeymoon is everything too, but that specific moment of “I Do” has captured the hearts of the angels, and God. To tell a person that you can love them for eternity is something very special and giving. The penis doesn’t always fulfill the job, I mean it’s good but there something more important. He/she wants the smiles, hugs, good times and bad times together (memories). It means everything for your soulmate to know that your heart will never grow old from theirs. You can love them like it was the first day, every single day and hour that time passes and becomes old.

We all fall into love, no matter how much of the crazy types we may be. There’s something that overtakes our fears, and fills us with encouragement and that lavishing love. The cost of love will always be expensive, no matter how much we try to deny it. I’m not talking about the money, but the cost of time, ways, hearts and promises. Marriage is a package with a promise that automatically comes with having kids, faith and a good man.

Let the one who runs the household, be the man that God has created specifically for you!! The moment couldn’t get any better…