Why Love Doesn’t Exist In 2012


Do you agree with what he’s saying? There’s a few things I agree with and a few things I don’t agree with!!!

Everyone’s opted to their own opinions!!!

Home Sweet Home >.<




Everyone wants something huge and worth millions. I mean you could have that $75 million dollar beachfront mansion, but what is it without the one you love? When I think about the comfort of my home, there’s a lot that I want. A small family would be nice, but it’s more of the comfort of the home that has to sell to me. 

Think about all those beautiful holidays that we get to spend together. Especially Christmas, that tree just standing at salute over in the corner of the living room. The comfort of a home comes from the warming of the people’s hearts around you. It’s not much of the materialistic things about the house that keeps you wanting more, it’s the visualization of seeing your family make history in the house. 

Something so beautiful and clean helps make the living environment more comfortable. The more organized the place is, the better of dealing with upcoming issues. A home is something that keeps things bonded together and operating as one. The comfort of a home can bring you many joys, and much of the privacy needed, from the outside world. I’m living in style, comfort and organization.